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Male Infertility Treatment

At least 40 percent of infertility can be attributed to a male factor, either exclusively or in combination with female dysfunction. Severe male factors include azoospermia, the complete absence of sperm in a semen sample. Urological consultation and evaluation often reveals that sperm can be retrieved directly from the testes through several techniques. Either testicular biopsy (TESE) for sperm extraction or midepididymal sperm aspiration ( MESA) can be performed in an outpatient setting and sperm can be used immediately for IVF/ICSI and/or frozen for future cycles.

TESA, MESA, and sperm cryopreservation can all be accommodated at our 12th Street facility in Manhattan. Operating room, anesthesia coverage, and Recovery Room can be made available to your urologist. These procedures can be scheduled in conjunction with an IVF cycle or at an earlier date.


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