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Ovulation Induction with Fertility Drugs

FeMale Infertility Treatment can often be attributed to a failure to ovulate or irregular ovulation cycles. In many cases, a woman may have perfectly healthy eggs, but for a variety of reasons she is simply unable to release those eggs. Ovulation induction is an infertility treatment designed to stimulate the production and release of multiple eggs. Once the ovulatory cycle is regulated, the chance of conception occurring naturally or with the assistance of intrauterine insemination or IVF is significantly increased.

Who is a candidate for ovulation induction with fertility drugs?

Approximately one quarter of all fertility problems can be linked to irregular ovulation. For this reason, ovulation induction is usually the first infertility treatment that we recommend for couples who are experiencing problems conceiving. However, candidates for ovulation induction must meet several criteria before receiving treatment with fertility drugs at our Manhattan practice. First and foremost, for ovulation induction to be successful, candidates must have an ovary capable of producing healthy eggs. Ovulation induction serves no purpose if the female cannot produce eggs capable of being fertilized. In such cases, egg donation at our Manhattan practice is a better option.

Women who are capable of producing healthy eggs but who still have unexplained infertility are candidates for ovulation induction if alternative fertility problems have already been ruled out. To this end, each ovulation induction candidate will be screened for endometriosis, uterine abnormalities, and damage to the fallopian tubes; their partner may also have to be examined for possible male factor infertility. For couples that still face unexplained infertility after this screening, ovulation induction with fertility drugs will be the first step toward achieving a successful pregnancy.

What types of fertility drugs are used to stimulate egg production?

Ovulation induction can be achieved with clomiphene citrate, injected fertility drugs, or a combination of both. At our Manhattan practice, we generally begin treatment by prescribing clomiphene citrate, which comes in a pill form. Clomiphene citrate works by stimulating the follicles in the ovaries, sometimes resulting in the production of multiple eggs. Clomiphene also controls the release of eggs, meaning intercourse or assisted procedures such as intrauterine insemination or IVF can be planned at a time when the chance of conception is at its highest.

If ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate fails, the next step involves injections of fertility drugs. At our Manhattan practice, we use stronger medications, called gonadotropins, for this more intensive ovulation induction. Women who receive gonadotropin infertility treatment will be monitored by our Manhattan fertility specialists; some women may require additional therapy for optimum results.

How effective is ovulation induction?

Women treated with clomiphene citrate have an excellent chance of regulating their ovulatory cycle; between 50-80 percent of women taking clomiphene will produce multiple eggs. Even when the medication is working, the chance of conception is at approximately 25 percent for each cycle – a percentage comparable to the chances of conception for women with normal cycles. For this reason, we encourage several cycles of infertility treatments with clomiphene before considering alternative options.

For unknown reasons, some women will still be unable to conceive after successful ovulation induction with fertility drugs. In such cases, we can recommend additional treatments using IVF and the latest assisted reproductive technologies. If you are interested in ovulation induction with fertility drugs, please contact our Manhattan fertility center today.

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